"Maria is one of the foremost classically trained Pilates
instructors in Europe."

As a Second Generation teacher with 20+ years of international teaching experience I am able to cover a broad spectrum of needs - from people seeking general health and wellness to professional athletes looking to enhance performance and address specific injuries.

After completing the comprehensive Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center (Colorado, USA) in 1997 I moved to New York City to teach and dance professionally. I co-founded Pilates East, a successful boutique Pilates studio in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood of Manhattan in 2001.

Following my heart and lure of the Mediterranean lifestyle, I relocated to Barcelona in 2009.

Motivated by the belief that good teaching becomes excellent when the teacher cultivates the pupil within; I continues to study with leaders in the movement education field and to unpack the lessons of my teachers. My approach to Pilates has undergone a profound evolution and was deeply enriched by my mentor Kathleen Stanford Grant (a protégé of Joseph Pilates) with whom I studied with for thirteen years.

The roots of my training stem from the classical Pilates lineage and while I remain committed to imparting this innately intelligent method as it was taught to me, I continue to find great inspiration from new perspectives and innovations regarding the attainment of happier, healthier bodies.

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I am dedicated to honoring and empowering your journey toward personal growth and well-being. I will facilitate ease, confidence and inspire a sense of possibility that lasts long after your class.

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