Joseph and Clara Pilates

Innovators. Inventors.

Joesph Pilates emigrated to the United States in 1926 and together with his wife Clara opened a fitness studio on Eighth Avenue at 56th Street in Manhattan. For over 4 decades they developed the system of physical conditioning what we now call the Pilates Method.

Kathleen Stanford Grant

Visionary. Trailblazer. Dreamer.

Kathy Grant was a dancer who studied with Joseph and Clara Pilates during the 1950s and 1960s. When she was told she would never dance again after sustaining a knee injury, she went to Mr. Pilates for rehabilitation and was able to continue dancing. She dedicated her lifeĀ“s work to teaching the Pilates Method.

Maria Earle

Practitioner. Teacher. Student.

My lessons with Kathy Grant began in 1997 when I moved to New York City to dance professionally. I continued my studies with Kathy in her tiny studio (with equipment built by Mr. Pilates) in the NYU Tish School of the Arts building on Second Avenue for 13 years. My time with Kathy formed who I am as a teacher.