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It is great to have you here!  You  have decided to carve out time in your busy schedule for your practice. You have prioritized yourself. That means a lot.    

Courses for Pilates Teachers 

Live Streaming and On Demand courses for Pilates Professionals to nurture and support your practice and your teaching.  
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Courses for Pilates Enthusiasts

Are you living  in the Barcelona area  and interested in a  training with me in-person?  

Advanced Education for Pilates Professionals 

Working together from wherever you are in the world has never been easier. . . 

  • 1:1 Coaching  & Mentoring 
  • The Graduate Program 
  • Live Streaming Courses 
  • On Demand Courses & Master Classes   
  • Book Club For Movers   


Join our virtual classroom  and participate in live sessions with our global community or choose from on-demand workouts and courses covering Mat and apparatus. Stream from desktop, phone, TV, or tablet. 
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About Maria

As a Pilates educator, Maria Earle is know internationally for her warm and charismatic teaching style.  All of the content in the Digital Studio is inspired by the knowledge she has cultivated over the last 27 years of working extensively in the world of  Pilates and wellness.   
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Join Book Club For Movers

Join fellow Pilates teachers and movement enthusiasts from around the world for an open and inspiring discussion about books that fuel our understanding of movement, shed light on the legacy of Pilates and inspire our teaching.

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