Wunda Chair: The Advanced Mover Series 

A  six-week LIVE STREAMED series 
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  • Day of the week 
  • Class Start Time 
    2pm CET
  • Level
  • Class Duration
    55 minutes 
  • Post Class Disscusion
    15 min
  • Total Recored Video 
    7 hours

  About this LIVE STREAMED Wunda Chair Mover Series 

Wunda Chair  

May 30 - July 4
Tuesdays at 8am EST / 2pm CET  
Reconnect to the Wunda Chair through an exploration of classical and non classical exercises.  

Each week a new theme informs the direction of the class. This class will reignite your practice and give you lots of ideas to try with your students.   Access to class recordings for 7 weeks.  
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